Lambretta: 75 years of passion and tradition


In 1947 it was the moment when the first Lammy appeared on the transalpine market. Soon after, new models took the streets on all continents. and now they are starting to commercialize the last two models called
G350 Special and X300.

The G-Special G350 is a hefty scooter that reaches the public as the largest displacement model in the high-end classics category and becomes the brand’s flagship. The concept and design, by Walter Scheffrahn and Peter Beselin, are inspired by the classic aesthetics of the Lambretta of all time, while preserving the codes of neo-retro scooters. The Lambretta G350 is positioned as a new benchmark in the segment, with much higher performance.

It has the classic steel monocoque chassis, the traditional side panels, which are interchangeable, of the Italian brand, in addition to the front suspension with double connecting rods and a double rear shock absorber.

It has a single-cylinder engine with a displacement of four times and 330 cubic centimeters. The cooling is by liquid and the injection is provided by Bosch. The power is:
25.8 hp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum available torque is 25.5 Nm at 6,250 rpm. The wheels are 12 inches and the brakes offer the novelty of being disc brakes, with a diameter of 240 millimeters and, as a great novelty, it has anti-lock ABS brakes, these dual channel. The general lighting is entrusted to LED technology and the instrument panel comes with an original TFT screen.

The other model, called X300, is the brand’s first with the new X-series and anticipates the ambition for success. A new range that presents a completely different product line, with an innovative design that preserves the iconic DNA of the brand. These new shapes are born from a concept conceived by
Walter Scheffrahn, chairman of Lambretta, with sporty and sharp lines that recall the typical stylistic features of the brand’s legendary scooters. It offers an innovative design of the steel housings and preserves the “diamond” lines, preserving the Lambretta soul and spirit. In addition, it remains faithful to the fixed mudguard, one of the best-known idiosyncrasies of the brand.

From a technical point of view, the chassis of the X300 is formed by a tubular steel structure that combines a half-body to connect the shield to the polished steel side panels. It features classic double-shock wishbone front suspension and disc brakes. The wheels are 12 inches in diameter and have a 220 millimeter disc in the front and another 219 millimeters in the rear. The
ABS anti-lock brakes It is also dual channel.

As for the engine, it is a single-cylinder four-stroke with a displacement of 275 cubic centimeters. Cooling is by liquid and distribution is four valves. This model has a
maximum power of 24.8 hp at 8,250 rpm and has a maximum torque of 24.5 newtons/meter at 6,250 rpm. The injection is electronic from the Bosch brand.

The fuel consumption is not high and the tank has a capacity of seven liters. The X300 is equipped with lighting with LED technology over the entire length and width of the scooter and starting is keyless.

Source: La Verdad


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