Myths debunked: What’s it really like to travel in a motorhome?


Registrations of this type of vehicle have grown by 28% in the last 9 years, showing that more and more people are interested in planning a getaway or vacation in these homes on wheels.

The motorhome is a vehicle derived from a chassis-cab van, with a body as a home; the caravan is a trailer built as a home that requires the movement of another vehicle; and the camper van is a van that contains all the necessary elements inside and out to be able to use it as a home.

The registrations of this type of vehicle have grown by 28% over the past 9 years, which is evident every time
more people are interested when planning a getaway or a vacation in those homes on wheels. And as with any other vehicle, before you travel, check tire condition and pressure, as well as oil, coolant, and windshield wiper levels, and once on the road, acceleration, sudden changes in speed, hasty braking, and over overtake one vehicle.

But you should also take into account the special features to travel safely, avoid fines and other kinds of accidents. They certainly are
many wrong ideas when you travel in this type of vehicle, therefore, from CamperXpress they dismantle some myths.

“Going in a motorhome is gross.” Your hygiene and cleanliness habits are yours, in your daily life you can clean yourself as much as you want and keep the house clean and organized… or not. The same applies here to the motorhome, because it becomes your home on the road. Whether you are in a mobile home, hotel, rural house or any other type of accommodation… the cleaning and organization depends on your activity inside.

“Traveling in a motorhome is expensive.” The only expensive thing about traveling in a motorhome… is if you buy a motorhome. And to travel in it you just need to rent it. The fixed moving costs are those of petrol, the rest depends on you. Now you can calculate what 10 hotel nights for four people, restaurants, tours, etc. would cost you, and compare that with renting a motorhome, buying the necessary food, any camping or motorhome pitches and… Done.

«The motorhome is uncomfortable to go with children«. Children are often characterized by their curiosity and enthusiasm for the new. Traveling with the camper is an adventure for both adults and children. As we’ve reiterated, this is a kind of personalized trip, so you can put it together the way you want. During the road trip, children can enjoy themselves just like at home, be it games or movies. And during outdoor activities, which take up most of the holiday time, children will enjoy the environment as much or even more than you! The main trick to ensure that children do not get tired of the hours on the road is to take advantage of naps or board games, offer paper and pencil … it depends on each child!

“You can’t take your pets on a trip.” Almost all motorhome rental companies allow traveling with pets, in fact, this is the most requested option by anyone who wants to enjoy the adventure in the company of their furry friend. If you want to spend a few days in the mountains with your dog, there is no better travel option than this one.

“A camper requires a lot of work.” The main ‘downside’ of traveling in a motorhome is the moment when all the elegance disappears when you empty the gray and black water tanks, i.e. what you have left in the bathroom of the motorhome. Once you’ve done it, you’ll see it’s nothing catastrophic. Aside from that, motorhome travel requires its own internal organizational standards if you want to feel comfortable at all times. But we remember that renting is not the same as buying, by renting a motorhome the professionals have already made sure that it is in perfect condition.

“You can’t travel in winter.” The reality is that motorhome travel is just as comfortable in winter as it is any other time of the year. You determine the destination and the activities, but these are vehicles that can withstand low temperatures, equipped with insulation and heating, ensuring a very safe and comfortable habitation.

“You don’t sleep well in a camper.” Have you tried? Once you do, you will see that it is not about two millimeter mattresses or mats on the floor. The comfort of the beds, both single and double, will be very similar to those at home, unless you sleep on a water mattress or cotton candy. But here’s something better, the views when you wake up will always be different!

“You won’t get far with a camper.” It is clearly not the same as taking a flight and landing in Thailand in less than a day. Sightseeing on wheels is ideal for those who want to explore or relax at their best. The famous expression “the important thing is not the destination, but the path” becomes reality. Exploring this way isn’t about getting from point A to point B, it’s about stopping, seeing, visiting, staying as long as you want and getting as far as you want.

Source: La Verdad


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