A former Italian referee spoke about “penalty denied to Barcelona” and disqualify VAR


The international press, starting with Italian, focused on the arbitration of InterBarcelona at the party of Champions League that the Italian team won with much controversy. Above all, he did this by reviewing Barça’s complaints expressed through his coach, Xavi Hernandezalthough there are notable comments, some because they are philosophical and others because they are surprising.

Tuttosport made extensive reflections on the need for football to review the role of VAR, asking himself “Is VAR making football better or worse?” In the article, there are more questions asking the use of that instrument. “Is a VAR credible without all the images? A technological reflection on the tool that changed football is urgent,” added Tuttosport via the former Italian referee. Luca Marelliin Serie A between 2995 and 2008, now an analyst at Dazn. In his opinion, “the penalty denied to Barcelona in the last minutes of the game against Inter was not assigned because the only clear image (the one that angrily spread on social networks, so to speak)) was not available in VAR, whereupon he could not see the clear and unmistakable grasp of Dumfries’s hand”. “It’s the kind of mistake that everyone always makes sure won’t happen again thanks to VAR technology.” “It is fundamental for the credibility of the VAR and the referees the transparency in the decisions made through the images; that is, transmitting the dialogue that happens between the referees. Making mistakes is human and must accept all parts of football “. Because of this, he concluded, “there is a risk that it will be worse than before (…). the tool it needs to boost public confidence and the fans, ironically, become the hammer to tear it down a little more.”

Milanese is not so deep La Gazzetta dello Sport, which described the “double trial against the referees… and against Barça in the Spanish press”. “Cry for the arbitration decisions, but also the awareness of the constant limitations of Barça shown in Europe; two games away and not a single goal,” he stressed. “VAR of fire: a possible touch with the hand of Dumfries provokes the blaugrana protest”, he pointed out.

Corriere dello Sport performed the most surprising check on his ‘Moviola’: he suspended the field referee, Vincicfor “an arbitration that is not valid by the elite”, but he gave the VAR referee a notable, Van Bockel: “Tutto corretto”. You don’t need a translation.

L’Equipe, in France, is limited to descriptiveness. “In added time (8 minutes), Xavi and his team claimed a penalty at the hands of Dumfries, but the referee did not give the expected sentence”.

In the Netherlands, the country of the VAR referee that Barça has experienced twice in this Champions League, the media emphasized the attitude of the Barça club regarding his figure.

Voetbal titled: “Barcelona don’t want to see Pol van Boekel again”. “Emotions seem to be very high in Barcelona (…) Van Boekel took over the role of VAR and saw nothing in a hand of Denzel Dumfries at the end of the match,” he recalled before describing the play.”Van Boekel did not call his colleague, the Slovenian referee Slavko Vincicto check the moment in question, but advised him not to do anything (…) This is not the first time Van Boekel He is not in favor of Barcelona: he is already a VAR referee in Bayern against Barcelona and then he will deny the Catalans a penalty, according to the opinion of the Spaniards.”

Via Telegraaf, in its pure description, sees the hand of Dumfries without entering its catalogue. “In the last period, Inter defender Denzel Dumfries cleared Sergi Roberto’s cross with his hand. Intentional or not? The referee contacted VAR, but he was not called on the screen.”

In England, Glass Barça already emphasized “thought he would receive a late penalty after the Inter defender Denzel Dumfries appeared to hold the ball when Ansu Fati he looks ready to head towards the goal. There was a long pause while VAR reviewed the incident, but the penalty was not awarded,” he stressed in a match “defined by the referee’s decisions.” Regarding the non-awarded penalty in Eric Garcia by hand stressed that “repetitions have shown Lautaro Martinez was offside just seconds before that incident. “However, it was the last handball action that angered the Barca coach, Xavi“, he added.

The day is also explicit. ‘An injustice’. Xavi asks the referee to explain why Barça were denied a penalty in stoppage time to lose.”dumfriesclearly, he appeared to be playing handball at the end”, reads the caption with a picture of the penalty of the interista, who “seems to have got through it”.accidentally” the hand of Ansu Fati for an impermissible purpose Peter.

In Argentina, Hey is descriptive, but at the same time interpretive: “What does the culé coach say? The judge annulled through VAR the goal of Peter by the unwitting hand of ansu (it was 1-1), and then he did not concede a hand of dumfries within the Inter area when the self ansu He would go to it in extra time (and he didn’t even check it).” Clarion described as “a good hand of Anssumane Fati in the play the referee was forced Slavko Vincic to disallow Pedri’s goal (…)” and highlighted the “criminal potential assessed by VAR” and that “the video referees considered Denzel Dumfries he didn’t use his arm to deflect the ball. Xavi Hernandez still claims.”

Source: La Verdad


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