Bastoni, another reason for the Camp Nou to be a cauldron against Inter


Alessandro Bastonia 23-year-old left-handed centre-back for Inter, angered FC Barcelona supporters with the photo he chose on social networks to depict his team’s victory in Tuesday’s match at the San Siro (1- 0).

The defender, with the text “victory of the heart and personality”, illustrated his message on Instagram with a photo in which he got a Gavi which falls to the ground while remaining standing, giving the sensation that it is pulling him.

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Barça fans are mimicking the unsporting image on social media, clamoring for revenge next Wednesday in Barça-Inter at the Camp Nou.

Real Madrid fans remember an image he chose Gavi on if Instagram after 0-4 last season at Camp Nou, with Cross sitting on the grass and Gavi standing, but without physical contact or the crooked face of Cane.

Source: La Verdad


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