Candidates in conversation – VdB: “Kickl committed? I would solve it discreetly!”


In these interviews, presenter Katia Wagner met Tassilo Wallentin, Walter Rosenkranz and Alexander Van der Bellen. While the first two would also question the current government and, if necessary, dissolve it, the incumbent Federal President relies on stability and discretion. If he didn’t want to exorcise someone like FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl, he wouldn’t discuss it publicly, but “solve it discreetly” and deal with it behind closed doors…

In other respects, defending champion Alexander Van der Bellen has no “very bad conscience” that he rarely spoke out about the government’s failure. On the contrary: sometimes former chancellor Sebastian Kurz even thought he was too “brutal”. “He was very sensitive to criticism of the government,” said the federal president.

Van der Bellen: ‘Right decision’ not to do an election duel
When asked why he doesn’t want to go into an election duel, he explains: “This office is not a game!”, but requires a “high degree of devotion to duty”. In retrospect, the discussions of the other candidates “stimulated” him that it was “the right decision” not to enter into a discussion. Although he wanted to “ask” his competitor Dominik Wlazny to “go for a beer” together – but only after the elections.

Solidarity with women who protest against mandatory headscarves
In terms of content, the incumbent Federal President shows solidarity with the women in Iran who are protesting against the mandatory headscarf. He was against any kind of paternalism against women, “but we shouldn’t restrict women with a ban either.” “It’s their choice whether they wear something on their head or not,” he says.

Rosencrantz: “I would be the right Federal President!”
The FPÖ candidate for the federal presidential election, Walter Rosenkranz, has been criticized a lot for Alexander Van der Bellen. Moreover: “The longer this election campaign lasts, the more convinced I am that I want to replace him as head of state”, Rosenkranz explains his motivation. And: “Yes, I would be the right Federal President”, he assures. He has “almost every day” contact with Herbert Kickl.

A rosary is used to vote for new elections
With Walter Rosenkranz you also opt for new elections. Before companies had to fire employees because of the government’s “bad work,” he would rather “fire the federal government.” He also called for an immediate end to the sanctions. He would say to the Ukrainian and Russian presidents: “I am the head of state of neutral Austria, please come and negotiate with us!”. Rosencrantz believed that a ceasefire would succeed.

Wallentin: no ego, but independence
For Tassilo Wallentin, both Rosencrantz and Van der Bellen are “system candidates”. What bothers him about that is the “property and camaraderie” and that you “go into battle in front of the camera, but then amicably go back to the wine bar”. Therefore, according to him, “someone who comes from the outside and is independent” is needed – someone like him. According to Wallentin, his arrival has in any case nothing to do with ‘ego’.

Exchange column for candidacy “not regret it yet”
So far he has not regretted the exchange – candidacy against his column in the Kronen Zeitung. During his work as a columnist, he had “shown the problems for 10 years” and “proposed solutions”, which he now wants to carry out as Federal President. After all, according to his findings, “the country is going to shit”. If the presidency fails, he hasn’t thought about what job he wants to return to.

Different with one thing in common
When asked what makes us Austrians different, Alexander Van der Bellen answers: “We are different and that is what makes us so charming”. This also applies to the candidates, although one finding is the same for everyone: that they would be the right choice for the highest office in the state.

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Source: Krone


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