Shocking Details – New Mass Grave Found in Eastern Ukraine


The graves of more than 50 civilians have been found in the city of Lyman, recently liberated by Ukrainian troops, according to Ukrainian media. “The Russians dug trenches and forced people they suspected of collaborating with the Ukrainian military to collect the bodies of the dead for reburial,” Ukrainian internet TV channel Hromadske said on Wednesday.

The TV station showed photos of the grave on Twitter:

According to the medium, some victims have died as a result of the shelling of the city.

Lyman was recaptured in early October
Lyman was captured in May by forces loyal to Moscow after heavy fighting and was recaptured by the Ukrainians in early October after heavy fighting. While some of the dead have their names, other graves only have numbers.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops, mass graves were found in various parts of Ukraine. The bodies found in the Kiev suburb of Bucha sparked international outrage. Hundreds of dead civilians had been found there – some with signs of torture and their hands tied. Since then, Bucha has been considered a symbol of the most serious war crimes.

Source: Krone


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