They revealed the staggering amount of money Hamilton would be making at Ferrari


Thursday, Lewis Hamilton shocked the world by starring in signing the century in F1. A signing that has been talked about for years and himself Lewis thought it was something “impossible”. But finally, the Briton will fulfill every driver’s wish to wear Ferrari red from 2025. The exact reason for his decision is unknown, and a big part of it is the search for a “new challenge”, as the driver himself said. Englishman in a statement. , and also experience firsthand the ability to drive for the most historic and award-winning company in Formula 1, supported by the Italian ‘tifosi’. It will fulfill a dream that seems impossible. But the truth is that the economic side can also have a lot of importance in his final decision..

Ferrari has tried many times to sign Hamilton but has always been met with rejection. This time, that door has been opened and, according to the English press, they are all-in on their offer.

According to a report published by the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper this Friday, the Englishman could earn an astronomical sum at Ferrari: almost 100 million euros (85 million pounds) in several concepts. This figure will include earnings from other factors besides salary: sponsorships, image rights, bonuses and more. That is why the base salary per year that he will receive is still unknown.

It should be remembered that if we are only talking about salary, something that the ‘Daily Mail’ did not specify, Forbes ensured that the 7-time champion received approximately 50 million dollars in 2023. In fact, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, the Briton currently earns a little more: 58 million euros (50 million pounds), close to 45 million in salary and the 25 in bonuses that the current king of F1, Max Verstappen, is expected to receive in his long-term contract, including We need to add everything the Dutchman took from image rights and other issues.

Source: La Verdad


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