Maddy Cusack death news: the coach had an affair with a player


The final hour on the tragic death of the soccer player Maddy Cusack has left a very revealing piece of information. Sheffield United confirmed that Jonathan Morgan He was fired from the club. The entity pointed out in a statement that her position on the women’s team had become “untenable” after new information emerged about her inappropriate behavior before joining the team, as she maintained an intimate relationship with one to its players. .

The dismissal comes just a week after the FA – the English Federation – opened an investigation into the footballer’s death. Maddy Cusack after the parents demanded to know more details about why their son took his life and to investigate the possible abuse of him by the coach.

The English club’s statement read: “Sheffield United can confirm that the head coach of the Sheffield United women’s team, Jonathan Morgan, has left the club. Due to new information that has come to light in recent days regarding the conduct of Mr Morgan before arriving. at Bramall Lane, the Club has decided that Mr Morgan’s position is no longer tenable and his employment with the Club has been terminated.”

And he added that “we will no longer work with him in any capacity and the termination of our relationship is effective immediately. The termination of this contract is a critical step to maintain the integrity of our entity. We stand by our opinion that the standards and processes “Protection standards must apply to all athletes, male or female. At Tongue Tied Management we are committed to maintaining an environment of respect, integrity, trust and responsibility within the sports industry.”

The FA -English Football Federation- announced on January 25 that it was launching an investigation into the tragic death of the 27-year-old Sheffield United captain, Maddy Cusackafter his family presented new information about an alleged case of harassment by the English team coach that led to the player’s decision to take his own life.

Cusack, who was the club’s longest-serving player and the first to reach 100 appearances, beloved by English fans, died at his home in Horsley, Derbyshire, on September 20. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances. event of his death.

However, Sheffield United have decided themselves to conduct a formal investigation following concerns raised by the family about processes and behavior at the club. This investigation did not initially find any evidence of irregularities, but the FA confirmed that they are reviewing the said process and that it has not yet been fully closed.

According to some English media, the coach called the soccer player a ‘psychopath’ and accused him of being overweight, leading to Maddy Cusack in having to see the club’s medical staff for mental health problems. Morgan was already denounced in Sheffield by another footballer at the end of last year, as British newspaper ‘The Athletic’ said.

Source: La Verdad


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