Benfica and PSG draw and hold on to the lead


PSG stayed in the middle of Lisbon, happy with the good image and the umpteenth repertoire of Messi but in the dissatisfaction of not closing out the victory against a Benfica that withstood every blow. The painting came out unscathed Schmidt with a tie that leaves everyone the same, both sharing the leadership of a group that is still open. The important amount of Leo is neutralized by Danielwhich was scored as an own goal (1-1).

The first half was impressive, with a docile Benfica going to bite PSG. On the other hand, however, he found a superlative team liaison that knew how to get out of every tangle. The meeting was fought in this context, with good Donnarumma who, based on reflexes, dismissed more than one shot from his rival. With no luck, the Lisbon side lost the effervescent point that put PSG in a more comfortable setting at Da Luz.

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A stadium of unpleasant memories for PSG and also for Messi, prisoner of 2-8 against Bayern. This time the ball smiled at him. After triangulation at Mbappe Y Neymar, caressed the net with one of those shots he patented throughout his career: 0-1. With the goal against Benfica, there were already forty teams that the Argentine international became a martyr, tireless in his quest to lift one last Champions League.

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Before PSG need to learn to have more poise. Although he presented himself for a long time, the dose of anesthesia he applied was not certain for Benfica. Without meaning, Daniel slightly grazed a lateral center of Enzo Fernandez who flirted Donnarumma: 1-1. The tie came out of nowhere, proof that the team had come Christophe Galtier he still has a long way to go. Champions, a tournament of nuances, receives little attention.

If you want to be among the European aristocracy, PSG must always go to win. And he went to it after the break. Neymar threatened an acrobatic attempt from a Chilean that hit the crossbar. Mbappe checked afterwards Vlahodimos, assisted by an off-road Messi. Now that there is so much talk about his future, the former Barça player is making his own way: he plays, he plays and he is like a star in a PSG that has adapted more to his rhythms.

He was surprised, he was full, Christophe Galtier He would bet on replacing him ten minutes from the end. Leo he hid his grimace. leave too Vitinhaand neither of the two changes improved the situation of a rather anarchic match, with a Benfica who had victory at the foot of Rafael Silvathough Donnarumma He denied him the glory. The Italian put the cap on a bitter night for a PSG who had to settle for continuing to share the lead.




Benfica, 1
Vlahodimos; Bah, Silva, Otamendi, Grimaldo; Enzo Fernández (Aursnes, 77′), Florentino; Neres (Pinho, 90′), Joao Mario, Rafa Silva; Ramos (Draxler, 77′)

Instructor: Roger Schmidt

PSG, 1
Donnarumma; Danilo, Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos; Achraf, Vitinha (Fabián Ruiz, 87′), Verratti, Nuno Mendes (Juan Bernat, 67′); Messi (Pablo Sarabia, 81′), Neymar, Mbappe

Trainer: Christophe Galtier

Goals: 0-1, Messi (21′), 1-1, Danilo (pp. 42′)

Referee: Jesus Gil Manzano. He booked Enzo Pérez (45′), Gonçalo Ramos (70′), Fabián Ruiz (91′), Neymar (93′), Verratti (94′)

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Source: La Verdad


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