Real Madrid, from being thrashed to asking for time against Shakhtar


The real Madrid won the Shakhtar and is approaching the knockout stages of the Champions League. It was a victory in which the Whites scored goals and ended up asking for time to get the three points. The ‘blame’ for that is the lack of success of the white team who made 35 shots, 13 of them between three sticks, and scored only two goals.

Ancelotti’s men came out onto the pitch ready to dispel any doubts that may have arisen after the draw against Osasuna. The whites took everything from the opening whistle, ‘eating’ a Shakhtar that was the best possible rival for Real Madrid to rearm. The Ukrainian team lost balls as if it was not difficult under white pressure and against this background, the chances of Ancelotti’s men did not last long and with them, the goal. This is Rodrigo andHe who scored 1-0 in a game where Luck allied with the Brazilian. It was the 13th minute and Real Madrid did not slow down and went to the second to try to close the game against a Shakhtar that did not leave their field. The Whites were in full celebration and Ancelotti’s men had many clear-cut chances to score, including one that ended with Bodar’s save on the 2-0 goal line. The second goal that finally came in the 28th minute and the work of Vinicius which culminated in a great game between Rodrygo and Benzema.

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The real Madrid He was so comfortable on the field, he saw success so easily that he slowed down and breathed life into a Shakhtar that appeared in Lunin’s goal. And in one of the arrivals came 2-1, the work of Zubkov in the 39th minute. A goal from a Chilean half that no one believed in the Bernabéu, starting with Ancelotti who was very angry with that goal and the rest of his players in defense, especially those from above. At 2-1, the break was reached and the second half began with Real Madrid once again in search of a goal against a Shakhtar who were waiting for their chance to counterattack. The Whites created chances easily, but it was the Ukrainian team who equalized in the 53rd minute. Mudryk it didn’t end at 2-2 because it was between Mendy and Luninor they avoided, but the fear that got the Bernabéu was terrible. Real Madrid was unable to close out a game that seemed headed for a landslide, but the lack of success of the merengues led the rivalry to settle in suspense due to the result and the few but dangerous Ukrainian attacks.

Minutes passed without Ancelotti’s men settling down in the stands with a goal. Then the coach decided to remove Tchouaméni to put on Camavinga and in this way gives more physicality and verticality to a white team that showed some signs of fatigue. Meanwhile, Shakhtar continued to create danger every time they got close to Lunin’s area. Marco Asensio was Ancelotti’s second bet to breathe life into a Real Madrid attack where Shakhtar were losing respect as he took to the field and saw a draw not impossible. In fact, he finished four players in search of 2-2. Meanwhile, Real Madrid continued without taking advantage of their chances, as Marco Asensio which saw how the post avoided the goal in the extension. In the end, the blood did not reach the river and Real Madrid won a game in which they scored goals and ended up asking for time

Source: La Verdad


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