Fraud case in Carinthia – fake policewoman demanded €60,000 from grandma (82)


A pensioner (82) from Klagenfurt fell victim to scammers. She handed over several thousand euros to an alleged lawyer and an alleged police officer.

The aliens posed as a police officer and lawyer on Wednesday and demanded 60,000 euros from an 82-year-old from Klagenfurt so that her daughter would be released from court.

Place of delivery has been agreed
The lawyer contacted the mother and claimed that her daughter had caused a fatal accident. Only if she paid the amount would her daughter be released. Then the alleged policewoman called and confirmed the accident. A place of transfer was agreed and the woman from Klagenfurt handed over an envelope containing several thousand euros to a man.

police warn
The perpetrators are wanted. Witness references are requested. The police also warn against such calls. “These scams are nothing new, but many retirees still fall victim to the scammers,” the police said.

Source: Krone


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