Heartfelt tribute to Eusebio in El Vendrell


Eusebius Sacristan has become the object of meaning and well-deserved tribute to El Xaloquell restaurant in Vendrell (Tarragona), organized by Josep Maldonado, president of Penya Barcelonista Coma-ruga 95 and of International Solidarity Esport Foundation, ESI. 180 people participated in the tribute to the former midfielder of the ‘Dream Team’ and former coach of Barça B, among other teams, with former teammates such as Julio Salinas and Guillermo Amor and friends such as Txema Corbella, as well which is also the many Penyes partners Barça fans and members of the Barça Players Association. The mayor of Vendrell, Kenneth Martínez, also attended.

The dinner-tribute to Eusebio part of the program of the Eduard Manchón Memorial, held on September 3, which is this year traditional dinner afterwards is not includedpostponed for the tribute to Eusebio.

Source: La Verdad


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