Monchi: “When a coach is dismissed, it is a failure of the sports director”


The sports director of Seville have identified planning errors in the presentation of Jorge Sampaoli as the new coach in place of Julen Lopeteguiwhich made it clear that the club did not respect him in his departure.

“When a club dismisses a coach, it is a failure of the general director of sports, for not ensuring that that coach does not have the tools to achieve the goals, especially with a successful coach. I can’t be a martyr myself, but rather work as soon as possible for Jorge to change the situation”, assured the man from San Fernando.

Monchi He recognized that the squad has shortcomings that he will try to correct in the next market. “Now it is not working, we are one point away from relegation, we have won one of the last ten games… Now the idea of ​​planning is not working and we accept the criticism. This is a special market, because we had to square some numbers, hopefully this will change, Julen said that there are players who need to recover their best touch, they need to recover the level of those who are there and those who have come, keep giving. June’s partial exams will appreciate all of us. But I have to assume that today the planning is not going.”

He also defended himself against the criticism he received for his excessive popularity by going to the pitch after the games, as in Lopetegui’s farewell: “I will always continue to go to the stadium, because I think my way of understanding it is by interacting with the players, and with the fans. Whoever wants it, thank you. If you don’t, I understand. There are times when whatever you do is good, and there are times when whatever you do is not good. I will remain the same, without egos or anything. I did it because I thought it was fair to Julen Lopetegui, because I thought he deserved that recognition . Even if it is possible to hurt me, for what they might think. When I go to congratulate our fans when we lose or win, I do it naturally, because I always do it”.

Good relationship with Lopetegui

Monchi made it clear that the departure of the Basque was not more traumatic than usual in these cases and the decision that he led the team against Dortmund It was taken because it was the best for the team and the way in which it had more options to win despite the fact that the coach said that he kept quiet about some things that happened. “In the previous press conference I did not see him angry,

but after the game and in his farewell he thanked the club profusely and everything he said was in a positive and grateful tone. Julen has ten manners”.

Source: La Verdad


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