Xabi ‘Aspirina’ Alonso and his balsamic effect at Leverkusen


the debut of Xabi Alonso as a technician of Bayer Leverkusen couldn’t be better. The player from Tolosa made his debut on Saturday in the transcendental duel against Schalke-04struggling to escape from the lower zone, and leaving the result (4-0), which is strange, the first signs of what it promises can be seen. Bayer Leverkusen with Xabi at the helm.

Regarding tactical drawing, the Leverkusen it is structured in what we can define a dynamic system somewhere between 3-4-3 and 5-2-3. with the immovable Hradecky under the sticks, the defense is composed Tapsoba, Jonathan Tah and Hincapié while the rails were left for Frimpong Y baker. However, it should be pointed out that Tapsoba with the ball that supposedly opened to the right field Frimpong (stellar) stretched along that lane more than baker for the left. Since then, they have been in the engine room robert andrich Y Aranguizand the attack was left for Moussa Diaby (which shines brightly) and Hudson-Odoi like the daggers of the bands that dropped it Patrick Schick to act as a clear reference.

The ball as the hero

As for the style of play, there was a Bayer Leverkusen with the clear premise of growing by the ball. So he accumulated up to 60% of the possession, and thanks to this, mainly in the first half, he erased Schalke-04. That’s how the score of shots is 13-2 in favor of a Bayer Leverkusen that he needed, and a lot, a game like this.

To be confirmed in the Champions

After the aforementioned and successful debut, the next challenge of Xabi Alonso and his Bayer Leverkusen will pass this Wednesday Porto in a match equal to Champions League. After three days of debate, the Bayer reached the fourth with 3 points, which is the same as the same Atletico Madrid like Porto itself while the witches It has 9. In other words, it is a final that will undoubtedly mark the future of the German team in the competition. Xabi ‘Aspirin’ Alonso He had already acted against the evils on Saturday and wanted to do it again this Wednesday.

Source: La Verdad


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