Putin and Lukashenko agree on joint deployment of troops


Belarus president denies his country will join Moscow in war, accusing Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland of preparing “terrorist” attacks in Minsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko agreed on Monday to deploy joint forces in the region after a security meeting.

Lukashenko has indicated that the measure was taken “in connection with the worsening of the situation on the western borders of both countries”. However, the president has indicated that Russia is “not looking for this kind of conflict at the moment”. “They have too many problems already. That’s why we don’t have a large number of Russian troops for the contingent,” he claimed.

In any case, Lukashenko has denied that his country will join Moscow to participate in the war and has accused the West of encouraging this “false” theory. “The political and military leaders of NATO and several European countries are already ready to attack our country and even carry out a nuclear attack. This is not new news,” he says. “Their aim today is not to prevent us from entering the war directly on the Russian side, but to get us into conflict.”

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov, for his part, has framed the military deployment within the usual defense contacts between the two allied countries.

Kremlin forces were deployed to Belarus just before the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. Since then, however, the Lukashenko regime has remained on the sidelines of the conflict and even in March the first contacts to seek peace on Belarusian territory were organized.

On the other hand, Lukashenko has accused Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, with whom he shares a border, of preparing “terrorist attacks” and a “military insurgency” in Belarus.

“The training in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine of fighters, including Belarusian radicals, to commit sabotage, terrorist acts and a military insurgency in the country has become a direct threat,” he said.

The president has also accused the United States and the European Union of harboring “refugees” from Belarus in order to turn them into a “political force”. to open a second front on the border,” he stated.

Source: La Verdad


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