Griezmann revealed who would leave him home alone after his goal


Antoine Griezmann scored his 100th Liga goal, and gave Atlético de Madrid victory over Athletci in a complex field like San Mamés. The player ironically responded to VAR and made it clear that this Sunday at home he will be able to rest easy when his son asks if he scored.

Win a Rating

“The whole team has done an incredible job. It’s what we are, running, defending all together. Against Brugge he didn’t enter but today we were lucky. A great game for everyone, for those who entered also, it’s not easy” .

Importance of purpose

“In Bruges I missed the penalty, then I was left at home a few times and I wanted to score and help. Three points to stay up”

both nullified

“I’m not saying anything anymore. That’s how the referee whistles, he’ll see something flagrant because if they do VAR because there’s something like that. You have to live with that, fight and work”.

get strength

“I had the frustration of not being able to come on from the start. He tried to help the team to the fullest, whether as a starter or as a substitute. Tomorrow I will be happy at home because my son will ask me if I scored I’m the goal and I can tell him yes, so it’s okay with me. to leave a little quietly”.

Source: La Verdad


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