F1 Australian GP: Sainz left early


Carlos Sainz one lived nightmare in the Australian GP of F1 2022. Everything that could go wrong from Q3 of qualifying went wrong and it ruined it seemed like it should have been a good weekend for the Spanish. From him having better speed than Leclerc and being one of the favorites for pole position, to starting 9th on hard rubber and ending in retirement on lap 2 of the race.

The Spanish rider tried to take a risk at the start by putting a hard wheel to climb into positions using strategy, but made a mistake before the race started. I had to replace the steering wheel because of a last minute problem and what they put in was not one of the buttons properly configured. That caused a problem with the anti-stall system and the clutch that made it down from 9th to 13th positionlost another to Mick Schumacher to be 14th because of the difficulty for him to warm up that tough tire on the first lap.

On the ensuing lap, the Spaniard tried to start his comeback early, as a result of the frustration caused by the new setback incurred. He tried to reclaim that 13th position, but on turn 9, outside, on the dirty side of the very fast corner, he lost control of the car and spread wide, landing on gravel. Made a mistake. He was preceded by events in which he found himself and paid for it.

Carlos Sainz didn’t want to get out of the car, but the Grand Prix was over. He was trapped in the gravel and could not get out. His Grand Prix was wasted the day before without his fault. This Sunday almost everything was gone from him and luck didn’t want to accompany him either this time.

Source: La Verdad


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