Valverde: “It was not our smartest match”


Athletic came away from Getafe with a point as little as two after getting on the scoreboard twice. “It was a very rough match, very disputed. We started very well scoring in the first game and in the first fifteen minutes we seemed to be in control of the match, but with lateral crosses they tied us. We were not good in the first half. In the second half we came out determined to win, we favored the match, but they persisted and tied us again. I have a feeling we can win, but I think they will feel the same way. This is the most difficult game so far in the League”, he said Valverde in the press room of the Coliseum.

The rojiblanco team continues unbeaten away from home, with two wins and as many, but has added just two points out of a possible nine in the last three games. “Obviously we had options to win in Seville and we didn’t. Today we did it too. We haven’t added what we wanted in these three games, but we haven’t lost. Everyone takes their statistics as it suits him. I remain with the intention of trying to win all the matches, I know today is not our smartest game”, he added.

The second goal came from a slip by Lekue when the ball is released. “A slip is not a mistake. That can happen. These things happen to every team in a season. Today it happened to us. It’s another event of the game. What you have to do is find the mistakes of the rival. More than thinking about that, we have to think about the game. Now there were times when the circulation of the ball was slow. We didn’t have the fluidity that we had on other occasions,” he said.

Nick Williams was once again one of the most famous lions. The winger made a great play on the right wing that finished Raul Garcia to be 1-2. The man from Gasteiz has been questioned if he sees him in Qatar: “I don’t have to see that, I have to see if he can be with me on Sunday. He’s young and he’s just getting started. He is a player that we hold in high esteem. If he goes to Qatar, it would be better, but the coach will decide, that’s his job. When a player pops up like this, the balloon always pops, but he has to manage it well. He’s a focused kid.”

Andrew Herrera He became a starter for the first time since his return to Athletic. “He started well with the help. He needs to play at a faster pace and make plays faster. He is very involved in the game and has an ease for the first pass. He still needs to give us more things”, said Txingurri.

Inaki Williams He backed off the pitch. Valverde was calm about the physical condition of one of his most important players before visiting Barça on Sunday. “I think it went down badly in the last play, I hope nothing. He has been very optimistic in his shot”, he said regarding the last play of the game. Raul Garcia He told DAZN that it was a shot in the hip. A relief.

Source: La Verdad


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