Roberto Heras also joined the gravel fashion


The boom of cycling in Spain in recent years is unstoppable. As a result of the 2020 pandemic, the bicycle has established itself as a fashionable sport and as a means of transportation, and the data on bicycle sales in the last two years confirms this development. And the modality known as gravel, which is basically a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. One of the thousands of users of this modality is Roberto Heraswho attended this Wednesday the inauguration of Gravel Planet Store, where he is an ambassador. This is the store gravel largest in Europe.

Roberto Heras go to gravel some time ago, because it allowed him to continue training “with almost the same sensations of the road bike, but in a safer environment, without the dangers of roads and cars, and also more natural. This is a new way to live cycling”. The four-time winner of Back to Spain clearly “the gravel It’s a bike to enjoy” and that meets the ideal conditions for road cyclists who want to ride country roads, but without the technical demands that a mountain bike requires on trials or complex terrain.

Heras attended the inauguration of Gravel Planet Store and took the opportunity to review the current cycling situation. He admitted that “bye bye Valverde a cycle is closed. He was the last remaining of that generation, of which they were also a part small tobacco either Against, among others. A generational cycle is coming to an end.” He is optimistic about the future, thanks to the emergence of runners like John Ayuso either Carlos Rodr√≠guezbut Heres sends a message of caution: “They are very young and we should let them grow, without putting too much pressure on them.” And it highlights that the cycling scene is dominated by young people, such as Evenepoel, Pogacar either Vingegaard. “Before the jump to professionals came much later and now some go directly from juniors to professionals, like Evenepoel“, hold on Heres about the current scenario.

Roberto Heraswho after retiring from professional cycling also won the titan desert, a mountain bike race, has now found its favorite modality on gravel. And not only this. “Last year 90,000 road bikes and 70,000 gravel bikes were sold in Spain, it is possible that this year there will be more gravel bikes,” he highlighted. Oscar Alcarazpromoter of Gravel Planet Store.

The store, located on the street Cent Council of Barcelona, brings together around 50 models from ten different brands and covers all types of gravel bikes, to serve the most demanding customers as well as beginners. They created a community that will conduct guided outings every month, attended by Roberto Heras, and they have all kinds of services, from workshops to complete biomechanical studies for their clients. Also, they are the advocates of a Gravel Advisory Commission composed of several national specialists.

Source: La Verdad


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