Improvement to test in the palace


UCAM confronts Manresa with the mission to improve her public image after a quiet week

UCAM’s final match turned out to be one of those healing victories. At home and one of those who do not enter the pools, visiting a Euroleague team like Valencia Basket, also walking on quicksand, but after falling against UCAM, they stormed the field of the two-time European champion, Efes, and he was a breath of fresh air from doing the same against current leader, Fenerbahçe. A triumph, the Murcian in the Fonteta, of which they also create fans. A game of give and take that is resolved in the last two actions: an anthological triple from McFadden and a winning defense from Pustovyi, which greatly expands his confidence graph and crowns his last two good games with the game closing a valuable conquest.

Until then, it seemed that this UCAM was missing weeks of work. Lots of new faces, roles yet to be assigned or defined and a style of play that isn’t quite clear, resulting in an erosion of the identity of the team they’ve built between Alejandro Gómez and Sito Alonso. But the story can change a lot with just one win and hopefully you work more calmly and concepts get better absorbed and rested during the week.

That’s how it was for students last week. Rest after a win, without a European league game in a week that his group had to rest in the Champions League, and with time to move on to approaching the boiling point that Sito wants with his team, which already includes German Niels Giffey , a player who made his debut and with good grades in Valencia, who presents himself as a team player who knows how to generate for his teammates without having to pass the ball through his hands. Glue for the ‘3’ and ‘4’ positions and neurons that know how to identify advantages and popular players.

The college coach rated himself this week as “productive” with more work time, but warned that “it needs to be reflected in the game. It has helped us identify details that are important for each match and monitor the evolution of the last.” According to a site that today will have Pedro Martínez on the bench next to him, who, during his last visit to Murcia, received praise from his colleague, who called him ‘teacher’, and not to his liking. “The excessive flattery is false and hypocritical. He says a lot bad about whoever does it. Also from whoever receives it if he believes it,” the coach tweeted, recognizing it was for Sito, and the praise as “exaggerated, looked like the Lakers were coming here today”.

That day, the victory fell to the local side (71-67). Murcians and Manresans were the top two scoring teams in the Endesa League at the time, but scouting was more important than originality on offense. Manresa today, without the key players from that successful bloc that made it to the Copa del Rey and the play-off (Moneke, Bako, Thomasson and Francisco, among others), is another one that will face a year of rebuilding. And there are pieces that don’t quite fit. Last week, the Catalan team surprised with the cut of center Justin Hamilton after just four games, a player already led by Pedro Martínez in Valencia with excellent results (2015-16 season) and who flew to the NBA the following week campaign. Speaking of another interior of his, Marcus Lee, the preseason coach said that “if this is his level, it’s not worth it to us.”

Source: La Verdad


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