Alpine’s harsh response after the penalty that left Alonso with no points in Austin


The Formula 1 United States GP is still kicking. Fernando Alonso’s controversial 30-second penalty after the Haas team protested about the safety of his car sparked outrage at Alpine, who were not slow to respond.

The BWT Alpine F1 Team failed to receive a time penalty after today’s racewhich unfortunately means that Fernando remains out of the points” the team wrote on its twitter account.

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The team acted fairly and felt the car remained structurally safe as a result of Fernando’s incident with Lance Stroll. The FIA ​​reserves the right to display a black and orange flag on a car during a race if it deems it unsafe and, on this occasion, it examined the car and decided not to do so. Also, after the race, the FIA ​​technical delegate deemed the car fit.”

The team also believes that since the protest was filed 24 minutes after the specified deadline, it should not have been accepted. and, therefore, the penalty must be considered invalid” fixed.

The stewards of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin rejected the protest against Red Bull, but kept the Alpine one, so Alonso, who crossed the finish line in seventh place, was 15th with a 30-second post-race penalty.

Haas argued that Alonso’s car was driving in unsafe conditions after a collision because the right mirror was moving from side to side before it finally fell off, causing no injury to anyone.

The American team claimed that on three occasions this season they were shown a black and orange flagwhich forced a driver to pit due to engine problems or loose bodywork.

FIA technical chiefs told stewards that the car was unsafe to drive with a moving rear-view mirror and that it fell.

A car should be in safe conditions throughout the race, and in this case, car 14 (Alonso) was not.“, the administrators said in a statement. “This is a responsibility of the Alpine team.”

Source: La Verdad


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