Sea border – South Korea and North Korea fired warning shots


Both sides fired warning shots at the sea border between North Korea and South Korea. A North Korean merchant ship crossed the border into South Korea on Monday morning, after which the South Korean army fired warning shots. Tensions in the region have risen sharply in recent weeks.

The North Korean military said a South Korean army ship had “penetrated” within 2.5 to 5 kilometers of North Korean territory. Ten artillery warning shots followed.

The maritime border was drawn by a US-led UN force at the end of the Korean War in 1953. Pyongyang never recognized this border. There have been repeated incidents along the sea border between the two Korean states over the years.

Tensions in the region have risen sharply in recent weeks, partly due to a series of North Korean missile tests. The North Korean military also fired hundreds of artillery shells and launched warplanes into the border area with South Korea.

South Korea and the US have been warning for months that Pyongyang could be preparing a nuclear weapons test. It would be the first such test since 2017.

Source: Krone


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