Tennis Nico Almagro starts career as a coach for young talents


The former player from Murcia, who became number 9 in the world, presents his new projects in a well-attended event at the Odiseo leisure center

Nico Almagro (Murcia, age 37) starts again. He retired in April 2019, having won 13 ATP titles and reaching number 9 in the world ranking as the best position in May 2011. Little has been known about him since then, aside from some controversy over tweets or his approach to the PP to run a task related to regional sports that came to nothing. The fact is that for a few months now he has been training 16-year-old Murcian tennis player Pablo Martínez Gómez and has already won several ITF junior circuit tournaments.

And last Thursday, in the leisure center Odiseo, it presented its new corporate image and its new projects, including working with young talents. He already advises several American players. He goes hand in hand with the Murcian agency Identity Sports and also takes his first steps as a tennis commentator in some media.

Supported by Fernando López Miras, President of the Autonomous Community, and Marcos Ortuño, Minister of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture and Sports, as well as the former national coach José Antonio Camacho and the bullfighter Pepín Liria, Almagro presented his new website where he collects all his activities ranging from training young talents to giving clinics in various clubs across Spain.

“This is the beginning of a new phase full of projects and illusions,” said Nico Almagro, emphasizing that “when I decided to help young tennis players, I mainly did it to return to tennis what it has given me so much. and so much.Now I realize that I enjoy almost as much as I did in his time on the tracks.Seeing the track from the outside and guiding the youngsters is a continuous learning process for me.I understand how they feel and I know what they might be think,” said the former Murcian tennis player.

Source: La Verdad


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