‘De locos’: This was Haaland’s goal in Chile


Early Haaland He emerged as the Premier’s best contender with two goals to give City the victory and add a total of 30 goals. On his return after overcoming some discomfort with his groin, the Norwegian striker scored twice to cap his stellar comeback.

The first goal came after an accurate pass from debruyne. However, the best is yet to come. It was minute 68 when Haaland invented a Chilean that silenced the Southampton stadium. A great goal to highlight the immense talent of this player.

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If the first was a header, the second came from a lateral assist from Grealish who scored an incredible overhead kick. The most curious thing is that, two minutes later, Guardiola decided to sit down thinking about next Tuesday’s Champions League match against Bayern and instead take the Argentine. Julian Alvarez.

“Crazy”, exclaimed the official Twitter account of DAZN, while social networks echoed this goal that passed in a few minutes.

Source: La Verdad


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