The hell Marseille ultras made Tottenham live the night before the game


Like the fans Olympic Marseille He always enjoyed wearing the poster hanging on the problems and the last demonstration he made with a completely unsporting attitude against the staff of Tottenham.

The French made the ‘spurs’ footballers live in hell on the night before the crucial Champions League group D clash, with the English and French playing the pass, with Sports of Portugal Y Eintracht Frankfurt there are also opportunities to qualify.

To destabilize the players of Tottenhamwith a point will ensure that they are in the next stage, the Marseille ultras set off a series of fireworks that went off twice in the early hours of the morning and for a while, thus disturbing the sleep of the ‘spurs’ on Halloween night.

And this is not the worst. Property Tottenham organized a meeting on Monday night to discuss the protocol and organization of the trip to the stadium, where both fans are expected to create a completely hostile environment to destroy the English.

Source: La Verdad


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