A Council that does not meet the opposition


In 2008, La Real had an own fund of -40 million and now they are +70. It was in the Second, it had a completely fractured social mass and had wounds from the past, 21,000 members, 41 million in debt, a complaint for non-payment of the Treasury, a stadium with some infamous and useless athletic tracks and it is in the cause of dissolution. In 2022 it is a model club in Europe, an example of evolution and adaptation to the times, with 37,854 members surpassing a stadium with almost 40,000 spectators glued to the pitch and repeated participants in European competitions, as well as the winner of the Cup. The main architect of this miracle is Jokin Aperribaywho now wants to serve his fifth term as president and reach 19 years as Real’s longest-serving president.

It is a Board of Directors that has no opposition and does not want it either. It is evident that it is bordering on impossible to improve a management of such depth and perhaps for this reason no one is meant as a successor in the team that he leads. Jokin Aperribay. Any interested party may know that at the end of 2022 it will be five years from debarra’s fourth term in office and no one has decided to make the move. Perhaps because it also knows that it cannot do anything for two reasons: the share of merits accumulated by this ruling group and its continued control over the shares.

For all these reasons, the Board calls for re-election at the Shareholders’ Meeting on November 29 and, like five years ago, it does not speak of “elections”. “It’s not up to us. If there is no one, there will be an election and if there is no one, we will submit to re-election. We will be happy to do our job to the best of our ability,” he said yesterday. afternoon.

Motivations of the President

The motivation found by the president to want to continue and ask for the support of the shareholders is the current “image” of the club. “We find ourselves with strength and before a project in Zubieta that is very beautiful. We are in a moment where to continue and push the created situation is exciting”.

As usual in these cases, Aperribay and its directors will be re-elected by a majority – approximately 98% of the share capital – within 25 days.

Source: La Verdad


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