Institutionalization – Stalker bullied for years of flirtation


For years she wrote messages to a police officer, called him and ambushed him. The woman even contacted her victim’s boss several times: “I was just beside myself!”, she says in court. The charges are ongoing persecution and dangerous threats. The 33-year-old suffers from a personality disorder and sees himself as a victim of stalking. She even reported the man and a friend to the police!

“To be honest, this on-off offended me,” the 33-year-old told the Vienna regional court. So much so that she bombarded the man with phone calls and texts for years. She would even have ambushed him on the sidewalk and at work. The person concerned met him there – she was an assistant to the financial police. They met a few times, a relationship did not develop. “I wouldn’t have noticed in the few encounters that she had a mental cracker,” says the 37-year-old officer.

One day the woman makes declarations of love and apologies, the next day ultimatums, threats and reproaches. The man grew more and more desperate, but he wouldn’t report the victim: “I used different strategies. I was polite. I was rude and aloof.” But it never got better: “She kept falling back into her plan.”

33-year-old sees himself as the real victim
The person concerned suffers – according to the expert with delusions – from a personality disorder. The 33-year-old, who says he is now a “psycho-energetic coach”, wants to become a victim of anonymous stalking attacks himself. She keeps getting calls and messages about her appear on the internet. Death threats and nails would also have been placed on her balcony. A work of the police officer and an acquaintance, she suspects.

Girlfriend followed and threatened too
This knowledge also suffered from attacks by the person concerned. The two were friends: “She told me she works in the financial police and is terribly in love with a police officer.” The 31-year-old then wanted to pair the two. But the officer showed little interest: “She was clearly so in love with this police officer that she couldn’t bear to lose contact. She observed and then bombed him.”

And at one point, the 33-year-old’s girlfriend also came into the picture. “Since she’s been locked up, I’ve regained a tremendous amount of quality of life. I just didn’t feel safe anymore,” the young mother said on the witness stand.

Defense sees errors in psychiatric reports
Attorney Thomas Nirk considers the diagnosis of the delusional disorder to be problematic: there is objective evidence that his client has been subjected to persecution and hatred on the Internet. That wouldn’t be delusional. Nevertheless, the incidents were “disease-related behavior”.

The jury senate grants admission to an asylum for mentally disturbed offenders. It is not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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