Madness in Argentine football! Ten evictions and race champion for lack of rivals


Boca was left with six players and according to rules lost the game in extra time

Hours after Betis and Sevilla drew in a historic derby with four evicted (one from the coaching staff) in just 50 minutes, the eviction festival was repeated in Argentina… but this time in a big way. So much so that the referee had to suspend the match and award the win to Racing de Avellaneda due to the lack of Boca Juniors players.

Boca and Racing played for the Champions Trophy, a kind of Super Cup in which the national champion competes against the winner of the League Cup. It was a controversial game with seven outfield players being excluded and ten in all. Avellaneda’s tied with the lost League a few days ago, beating Boca Juniors 1-2 with a painful goal in extra time from Carlos Alcaraz.

The most curious thing about the final was that it ended two minutes earlier than it should have as Boca was left with six players after ejecting Darío Benedetto for an unsportsmanlike gesture to referee Facundo Tello. The regulations don’t allow playing with less than seven, so Racing was immediately declared champion. The scandal started after Alcaraz’s goal. A battle broke out that ended with seven evictions – including some of the coaching staff – in the next few minutes. Three players had seen the red card before.

Alan Varela, Colombians Sebastián Villa and Frank Fabra, Peruvian Luis Advíncula and Benedetto were evicted from Boca. In addition, on the xeneize bench, referee Tello sent coach Hugo Ibarra, Diego González and Peruvian Carlos Zambrano onto the field. In Racing, the author of the goal Alcaraz, Cabellos and Carbonero were expelled.

An atypical ending that prevented the nearly ten minutes of added time from being completed in the second part of extra time. There was a lot of tension between two clubs who played until the last minute for the League a few days ago with a happy ending for Boca Juniors.

Source: La Verdad


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