Long prison sentences – gang dealt 400 kilos of drugs


Several Serbs and Bulgarians have now had to appear in court in Eisenstadt for operating several drug plantations and selling 400 kilograms of “stuff” to addicts.

A large-scale drug empire had started a Balkan gang in Austria. Several thousand cannabis plants were grown in rental properties. The plants were cared for by their own “gardeners”, while other members of the gang took care of selling the “material” to buyers.

Illegal companies caught
But in the end the illegal business was exposed – the handcuffs were clicked for three main perpetrators – two Serbs, one Bulgarian. Because the alleged criminals invoked their right to remain silent, the jury had invited a whole series of witnesses.

Star lawyer surprised with confession
But then came the big surprise at the beginning of the process. The accused, represented by star lawyer Rudolf Mayer, declared to the Supreme Court’s surprise that they were guilty, but refused to give further information – probably out of fear of the Balkan mafia.

“Look, we don’t want to waste anyone’s life here, so my clients are saying what’s going on,” Mayer says. The main perpetrator was eventually sentenced to four years in prison and his co-defendants were given two years or 22 months.

Source: Krone


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