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Chance is painted bald. Villareal dipped into their battle for the Champions League semifinals after beating Bayern and before defending their advantage over Munich. There was no equal opportunity to score three points against a rival who was disturbed in another match.

Unai Emery clarified what the important game of the week was for his team. He replaced the eleven who played in the Champions League His squad is certainly big, but the reality is that Villarreal’s replacements are not facing the lions. Truth that should reflect on us.

Marcellin’s decisions

Athletic coach once again selected Raúl García at the expense of Sancet in one of the so -called big games of the season. We all understand that pubic discomfort prevents him from performing at 100% in 90 minutes, but the question is whether he can come out on eleven, against rival substitutes, to continue the game. and left his position in the second half. After being shown against Elche that he is a player making change, I would have liked to see him on the starting team.

That said, I take off my hat on Raúl García because he almost always reads the game carefully. At 0-1 he released his entire repertoire. First, he tricks the defense by passing the ball to Muniain, who, in a crack play, seizes the defender and goalkeeper so that Rulo can stick around.

I was amazed at Raúl García’s attention. Able to accompany play without falling. Always behind the ball. Fortunately he didn’t miss the ball because he was ahead behind Williams. This isn’t the first time this has happened to the Panther. He followed the example of Navarrese.

Temporary madness

Whether it’s a Hollywood film, the Madrid collegiate lawyer, will argue in a hypothetical transitory insanity trial. He has no defense. It is completely incomprehensible that he did not imply a maximum punishment. If VAR is left for it, remove it.

In the end Mendilibar was right. Without video arbitration, we can all understand that Del Cerro would not have seen Aurier’s hand. In fact, the lions hardly protested. The error will be more or less understood. When Estrada Fernández calls you, there is no going back. Since Medina Cantalejo took the direction of the referees, the VAR only enters into clear cases, so the only warning from Las Rozas is a clear indication.

I still don’t understand how one of the considered best referees in the category made that decision. This is incomprehensible. Aurier removed his hand from his body and moved his arm toward the ball. Book penalty. In a few weeks the referees will meet to explain the mistakes they have made and this game will take the lead in the ranking. I bet they even made an example of it. I hope the technical committee of referees leaves Del Cerro with at least one game in the fridge. It will be recommended.

Source: La Verdad


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