Fiat attacks in B segment with Punto replacement and three new SUVs


By joining the Stellantis consortium, the Italian firm Fiat received a good stimulus of oxygen to convert and electrify it to some extent. Stagnation For a little over ten years. Current plans include an attack on Segment B, in which the Turin brand was a specialist, to market four new models by 2024 that belong to that part of the market.

This was confirmed by Fiat CEO Olivier François in a statement to the British media Coach In which he talks about the future replacement for the popular Punto, which has been on sale in Europe for 25 years and has disappeared without a direct model of witness transmission.

In the short term, the offer of the Italian brand should consist of 10 cars: five global touring cars – 500, a new utility car and three. Crossovers– Four ads and To take Strada, specific to South America.

“Now we’re entering a new world,” says François. Finally, we can make our dreams come true. Over the next five years we will produce one new car per year in the region and we will be able to bring to market cars that are spread all over the world, for which we have fought in the past. There will be a big return on segment B and Crossovers. We will return to the most relevant segments. We only have 500X now and my goal is three.

The CEO points out that four models planned for 2024 have already been approved and completed, each endowed with “a very strong personality and distinctive design”. At least two of them are also strongly influenced by the Centoventi concept introduced in 2019 (pictured).

One of them will be the new Fiat Panda and the other, most likely, the usefulness of which only small details are known at this time. The only thing is that its presentation could be launched during 2023 and the following year and would be electrified.

“People Tesla”

The new utility “will be the size of Punto, but will not be called Punto” and will have 100% power options. “We are making crucial bets on electricity for Europe. We will increase the electrical versions in each new car and change them at some point [completo]. Fiat should be the people of Tesla: electric for everyone – says François -. Obviously, we need to reduce the cost of electrification. We will be ready by 2027, but maybe even sooner. Will depend on the cost. I want to be the first mass market brand to be just electric. ”

Consequently, Fiat will continue to focus on what dominates the best, smallest and most affordable cars – and in style – leaving the upper segments of the market with other Stellantis firms such as Citroën or Peugeot. The planned SUVs would have dimensions of 4.15, 4.30 and 4.50 meters to avoid Step Larger models from two French brands and Opel.

“Our cousin [en Stellantis] This is Citroen. Our stories are different, but we are two popular brands and we share a lot. I think the interesting thing is that we can divide the market by size. “Fiat can be a small car specialist and Citroën will have more legitimacy to cover the D segment and, of course, there will be some overlap between them.”

Fiat’s current range uses platforms inherited from the FCA (the Fiat-Chrysler consortium later integrated into Stellantis), which will be phased out in favor of the Franco-Italian conglomerate architecture, which promises economies of scale across the group.

The Italian company’s first new models are expected to use current CMP platforms such as the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa, as Stellantis will not start using its new STLA platform for small cars until at least 2026. In the meantime, the electric Fiat 500 (500e) concrete platform, which will serve to reduce the price of electric versions of Stellantis urban models, may be useful.

Source: El Diario


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