Shots fired in the subway – New York police now have suspects in their sights


A suspect in the New York subway shooting is being sought. Police Chief Keechant Sewell says a “black” man is wanted as a “person of interest”. It is said to have published several aggressive YouTube videos before.

At least 23 people were injured in the incident with gunshots and rising smoke in the middle of the morning rush hour in the New York borough of Brooklyn. Ten people suffered gunshot wounds, 13 people had smoke inhalation or were injured trying to escape.

Clouds of smoke and fog, then shots
A man on an N train to Manhattan suddenly donned a gas mask of sorts just in front of the 36th Street station, then opened a bus that emitted fog or smoke, Police Commissioner Sewell said. Then he opened fire. Mayor Eric Adams spoke of “smoke bombs”. The man, who wore what appeared to be an orange and green construction worker’s vest, neon green hard hat and gray hoodie, is still on the run. The New York City Police Department increased their presence on the subway.

Videos showed people getting out of a subway car at the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood – surrounded by clouds of fog or smoke. Some remained on the ground, blood was also visible, others nursed the wounded.

Found more gun magazines and axe
Sewell said he was very happy that nothing worse had happened. According to police, the man fired a total of 33 shots with a Glock pistol. Investigators also found other pistol magazines and an ax at the scene. A small truck is also being investigated in connection with the crime.

Aggressive YouTube Videos
According to Sewell, the 62-year-old wanted for the crime had published several videos on YouTube, in which he expressed lengthy and sometimes aggressive political diatribes and criticized New York Mayor Adams. According to researchers, there is no evidence of a terrorist background. Adams’ police protection will be increased as a precaution, it said. The mayor is currently in isolation at his home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side due to a coronavirus infection.

Adams, a former police officer who joined earlier this year, has announced that he wants to tackle the crime. He spoke of a “difficult day for New York” on Tuesday. The culprit will be found and brought to justice, Adams promised.

Source: Krone


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