The next Pique


The next Pique

PWhat has been released. And he got out. He escaped to see in articles about the sacred cows. He has already removed the cover after several defeats. And, above all, he did not see his name in thousands of negative comments on the networks after every setback for Barça.

And now? So now we will see the Pique more fun. In Pique eat breakfast in Madrid, eat in New York and sleep in Tokyo for free. Of course, without the press waiting for him at the Corporate Terminal to see what time he landed, and he didn’t Freixa pronounce on Twitter the kind of steak you ate.

For many years I have followed a very intelligent man closely. A player who knows where he should send his message. Whenever there is controversy, I envy La Sexta y Cuatro. These two chains do not have to suffer to get statements from him in the mixed zone, because great Geri he is interested in opening the informative Manu Carreno and become the main editorial staff of Pedrerol. For international television, it is limited to giving a positive message according to the image of the club, unless you ask ‘the Spanish’, as I tried to do.

Pique will one day become president of FCB. And this is because he gets more experience every day when it comes to running the company and the character. If you want a press conference like to davis You’ll have it, and if you want ripped with shorts, you’ll have it too. There is only one reality: that Gerard He doesn’t care about anything, to put it mildly. And I acknowledge that I learned that from him over time

Source: La Verdad


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