El Velarde installed extra stands to receive Sevilla


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The Seville starts this Sunday his way to Copa del Rey on visiting the Velarde CF Cantabrian, club of the small municipality of muriuedason the advice of Camargowhich is located 7 kilometers from Santander.

And for the occasion, the Municipality has funded the installation of additional bleachers at the sports complex The Lingwhere the game will be played starting at four in the afternoon between Jorge Sampaoli and this modest club that plays in the Cantabrian Preferred Regional.

The municipal stadium where the Velardeequipped with natural grass and a grandstand, apart from the athletics track, for 1,500 spectators will see its capacity increase by 1,600 more locations, so that the attendance of the meeting will count to 3,100 people.

In the small Cantabrian town, almost a local holiday was ordered to celebrate the visit of a First Division team who played Champions this season, in addition to being a six-time champion of European League and the Spanish club that has grown the most in recent years.

For this reason, the bad moment they are going through, occupying the relegation positions, is a double-edged sword. The modest Cantabrian team hopes to scare the mules Sampaoli, that it has yet to release the ten World Cup players it has, although not all of them will play the match, which corresponds to the first Cup qualifier and where the veil He agreed after winning the final of the regional phase of the tournament.

Source: La Verdad


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