Lewis Hamilton faces the last chance


It has 16 seasons Lewis hamilton in the F1 World Championship and didn’t go without a single win. The seven-time F1 world champion will face this Sunday to avoid his first ‘doughnut’ where last year he lost the long-awaited eighth crown at the hands of Max Verstappen, the Yas Marina from Abu Dhabi, due to the controversial change of interpretation. of the latest time in the ‘safety car’ procedure.

Lewis’s F1 campaigns

2007 McLaren 4 wins
2008 McLaren 5 wins
2009 McLaren 2 wins
2010 McLaren 3 wins
2011 McLaren 3 wins
2012 McLaren 4 wins
2013 Mercedes 1 win
2014 Mercedes 11 wins
2015 Mercedes 10 wins
2016 Mercedes 10 wins
2017 Mercedes 9 won
2018 Mercedes 11 won
2019 Mercedes 11 won
2020 Mercedes 11 is the winner
2021 Mercedes 8 is the winner
2022 Mercedes 0 wins

Seeing how the Mercedes team finishes the 2022 financial year -from Austin they have not yet stepped off the podium and at Interlagos they have just signed a double with the first victory in F1 for Russell and Lewis, acting as perfect team player- everything suggests ‘Sir Lewis’ you have a good chance of not messing up your service record. At Yas Marina he has won five times although on the last two visits his rival Verstappen won the race.

In his rookie year in 2007, Hamilton needed just six races to win the race in Montreal, the first of 103 victories that marked his record. No other driver has claimed at least one win in every season, although his fellow world title record holder, Michael Schumacher, who debuted in 1991 and finally retired in 2012, also won the a career of 15 consecutive years. , from 1992 to 2006, a record they would now share if it ended in white.

“I’m not focused on the record, but of course, I’m trying to get that win this year. The record is not important to me, because I don’t care about records in general,” warned Lewis Hamilton.

From the words of Toto Wolff, the main team, it seems that Hamilton did not ask the team to prioritize his result for Sunday. “Lewis doesn’t need it and it’s something he doesn’t want,” he said. “I think he’s already mentioned that winning a race every season is less of a priority for him. It’s more that we’re getting the car back to where it can be and we’re challenging for more race wins next year and good luck, for the championships”.

The 37-year-old driver has finished second in his last three races and is more than up for the job of ending the ‘porpoising’ that crushed them and a car that has been uncompetitive overall.

“It’s still a work in progress, but we have a nice update that we brought to Austin, we were solid in Mexico and now in Brazil, which wasn’t the track we expected to be super competitive, we really beat everyone,” said said Wolff.

“That shows that we understand how to unlock the performance of the car and that is a good indication for next year. We have seen a positive trend in the last three races. Are we back to mastery level? No, we no. I think Abu Dhabi, on paper, is more difficult for us”, warned the Austrian.

Source: La Verdad


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