Luis Enrique very badly supports that filter that is journalism


As we have just heard, Luis Enrique will communicate with the Spanish fans via ‘streaming’ in Qatar

Luis Enrique built an image for himself as a footballer and kept it solid with a single historic exception: the whining of the one for Sandor Puhl with a broken nose and a bloodied face and neck after Tassotti’s nudge. It was an understandable and humane reaction, but contrary to the character created during so many years of fierceness and Asturian courage on the football fields. Luis Enrique, in short, should have swallowed those tears of anger and prepared a cold revenge, on the field or in the dressing room. Tassotti couldn’t leave Foxboro Stadium, casually whistling, happy about qualifying for the semifinals and joking, oops, oops, with his teammates.

As a coach, the former Sporting, Real Madrid and Barça player has also built a character for himself, similar to that of a footballer: that of an ambitious, challenging coach with such overconfidence that sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh at her for being funny or criticizing her for being arrogant. For the journalists, Luis Enrique was, of course, seen from his first games as a detached and aloof man with a voice like a saw. In his more difficult days he made no secret of his contempt for his interlocutors in the press room and in the sweeter ones he cracked strong jokes or was ironic, and then, despite such a complicated exercise for him, he was thought to have squeaked heard, like an old door with worn hinges, produced by the selector in his quest for subtlety.

As we have just heard, Luis Enrique will communicate with the Spanish fans via ‘streaming’ in Qatar. Yesterday he released a video announcing it. This is how he put it: “I am recording this video to announce that I have become a streamer. My intention is to stream while we are in Doha. We arrived on the 18th in the morning so I can start that same day. I will tell from a certain point of view, mine and that of my collaborators, establishing a more direct communication without filters, spontaneous and natural, interesting for everyone. It’s an idea that starts off in a crazy way, but it could be interesting to start a direct relationship with fans ».

Let’s disregard the verb stremar, which is like pissing, sorry for the easy joke, and don’t throw a drop. Let’s also disregard the misphrasing of the fourth sentence and the phrase “break up in a crazy way.” What does it mean? What can be crazy, I say, is the idea, not the way it starts, unless Luis Enrique invented a parachute jump over Crimea, to say the least. And let’s go to the most important thing, to “the most direct communication without filters, spontaneous and natural, interesting for everyone”.

The selector’s contempt for the well-known press. He rarely tried to hide it. Like so many others, Luis Enrique very badly tolerates that filter that is journalism. He would rather it didn’t exist to allow, as he says, freer, more direct, and more spontaneous communication. We must therefore assume that any fan who wants to can participate in these conversations with Luis Enrique via streaming from Qatar. And that this fan of La Roja, exercising his right to freedom of expression, can tell the coach what he wants to his face, without cuts or censorship. The truth is that it can be a lot of fun. We will have to be vigilant. Because the only thing missing, I don’t even want to think about it, is that Luis Enrique is so annoyed by the journalistic filter because the only one that seems really good to him is his own.

Source: La Verdad


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