‘Stop treating Ansu Fati like an injured player’


The ‘streamer’ Luis Enrique asks not to put extra pressure on the Barça striker, who will start against Jordan a week after his World Cup debut against Costa Rica in a friendly that “Spain takes very seriously”

“The video is clear enough and I do not intend to comment on this matter. None”. If the goal of Luis Enrique in his new facet as a “streamer” is, as Javier Clemente did in his own way in his time, of whom the Asturian was one of his Praetorians, then it is to attract all the media attention and so protect and put pressure on his players, maybe even get it. For now, this issue marked the appearance of the Spanish coach next Wednesday in Amman, ahead of the preparation match against Jordan and a week before Spain opens in Qatar against Costa Rica.

When prompted to explain what this “streaming” will be like where he will engage directly with the fans, without the supposedly annoying “filter” of the journalists, Luis Enrique was more prolific in explaining. “I’m not going to do a spoiler. You suffer that I’m going to attack you, I have nothing against the press. I’m going to try to treat you politely, I already know my role because I’ve been in football for years. The video is the best way to explain, now I have ‘followers’, I have subscribers and everything. When I start ‘streaming’ you have material to say what you want,” he joked.

«For me it’s an experiment, I open the mobile and hearts appear everywhere. Maybe it should have started sooner. I made a video how it comes across to me, I’m not going to discuss or check, what I say I will say, it’s something new. I don’t depend on anyone, if I’m bored I’ll leave it. Of course there will be haters, well, long live the ‘haters’”, continued a technician who is fleeing interviews but is joining the march.

It was a somewhat exotic appearance, not to say surreal. Just one example. The first Jordanian journalist to speak asked Luis Enrique four questions in one and asked the coach to shake his hand. A coach who expressed surprise at the succession they have of the Spanish League in Jordan and who was annoyed to understand that his recent demonstrations in which he proclaimed himself number one were taken out of context. “I didn’t say he was the best coach in Spain, I said he was the best in the world. It was a joke, but instead of a joke, it sounds like someone who is very self-centered, which is not my case,” he added.

He confirmed the precautionary absences from the squad for this friendly match of Marcos Llorente, Álvaro Morata and Hugo Guillamón, who could play if it were a World Cup match, and referred in his own way to La Roja’s options in Qatar . . “Spain’s goals for the World Cup are the same as those of the top-ranked teams on the FIFA list. Play seven games and go one on one. When the World Cup starts, no one dares to exclude a team. In today’s football, equality is dominant and there are fewer and fewer differences.”

He assured that Spain is taking this meeting with the Jordanians “very seriously”. “The conclusions I draw from this match are important and the players know that. In a training you can earn the starting position, imagine in a match. The Jordanian team surprised me, I saw their match against Kosovo and it was difficult for us to win there, it will not be easy at all “he warned.

Lucho said he likes this match because now he doesn’t want to face a team present at the World Cup, and insisted on the message that he doesn’t choose his players based on their team of origin or their age, but to to be able to play. capture your idea.

He noted that he sees the players training very well, at a “remarkable high or excellent”, and stopped at Ansu Fati. “I would appreciate it, and it is a request that I make of you, though you will not listen to me. Stop referring to Ansu as an injured player. I’ve seen him better than in June, when he couldn’t be there. Tomorrow he will play as a starting player and I hope he will play for 90 minutes. And that’s it, he’s a player like any other, he’ll get injured again like all soccer players.

When asked about his connection to the players, Luis Enrique again referred to the journalists. “I’m going to give advice. Stop asking the players when they have their coach active because it has no value, what is a player going to say. I really like building trust in the players, complicity. I can do it not at 26 because I have no knowledge of the matter, but maintaining a good relationship with the player is important to me.”

Source: La Verdad


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