Football falls into disarray with James McCartan’s future unclear


Negotiations are underway at Dawn to avoid a crisis after a turbulent weekend after the appointment of James McCartney as head of football, which remains unclear on the eve of the Ulster Championship.

The mourners were at a training camp in Dublin, but several members of the squad went home on Saturday night after some players failed to make an appearance at senior assistant Aidan O’Rourke’s presentation.

The well-respected coach prepared a session detailing how Downey was approaching his Ulster SFC quarter-final match with the Slave in Clones on Saturday, May 30th.

As is well known, McCartney notified the Down County Council over the weekend of his intention to leave his role.

On Monday, Down County Council denied holding an extraordinary executive meeting to discuss the results, but Belfast Live understands that high-level talks have been held between the two parties to resolve the matter.

Liam Kerry, who appeared fighting Derry Conor Dohert early in the league, is one of the few players to step down from a bottom team.

It’s not rumored that McCartney was in Dawn’s last training session last night (Tuesday), but he still thinks he’s ready to dominate the rest of Downey’s 2022 season.

McCartney was one of the most recent appointments before the 2022 campaign, after a lengthy management search for a replacement for Paddy Talley, who would later join Jack O’Connor’s management team at Kerry.

Mournemen lost to Donegal and Antrim in the McKenna Cup pre-season and lost to Derry and Galloway in their first two Division Two games.

However, there was great hope that they could avoid a relegation battle in which Kilko, the county and national champions, won the Irish club title in February.

However, the expected stimulus for their Kilcoo squad’s comeback never materialized and McCartney’s hand was severely weakened by serious injuries to key players.

Since then, both Jerome Johnston and Silo Doherty have been left out of the team, while Liam Kerry and Finn McIlroy are also out of reach.

After relegation from the second division, Dawn must reach the provincial finals to avoid qualifying for the Thailand Cup.

Source: Belfastlive


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