Ulster coach Dan MacFarland hopes to celebrate his birthday by winning the European Championship with Armagnac


Ulster coach Dan MacFarland

Dan MacFarland, Director of Ulster, hopes to celebrate his fiftieth birthday in style with the vintage Armanique fragrance and achieve a hit in Europe.

MacFarland, who turned half-century on Sunday, received a bottle of 50-year-old French cognac from his cousin.

And he plans to strike, preferably in a victory, after Saturday’s European Cup match against Toulouse at the Kingspan Stadium.

Don’t consider mixing it with Coca-Cola, a reporter suggested at a media briefing on Monday ahead of the last 16 game in Belfast.

“There’s no chance Coca-Cola will hit Armagnac,” MacFarland laughed. “This is a 50-year-old bottle and I can’t wait to taste it over the weekend.”

Armagnac is one of two high-end – and possibly powerful – French exports that the Ulster manager will be using in the coming days.

Toulouse is different.

Ulster leads six points with a 26-20 victory in its first game in France on Saturday.

“We played a cover match with them last week and ended up winning, but this weekend is going to be just as tough and maybe even more difficult,” MacFarland said.

The thing is, we’re playing with the European champions and the top 14, so it’s in high demand. If we had reached the quarter-finals, that would have been an important milestone.

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Source: Belfastlive


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