Real Madrid, between the cottons for Seville


The match against Chelsea caused physical fatigue to the Real Madrid players. The consequences of the intense battle ended Nacho and Benzema very tight, in addition to damage to Marcelo and muscular discomfort Mendy.

Marcelo exit in the second part Mendy and injured the Brazilian, with a contracture on the left abductor lowering him to face Sevilla. mendy, For his part, he doesn’t want to force himself against Getafe to be against Chelsea. He was, but was seen to be physically very small. The Frenchman is continuing his muscle problems and tomorrow he will be examined by Real Madrid doctors. So far questionable in Seville on Sunday.

Similar to Benzema, who ended up in severe cramp and we need to see his physical condition and whether Ancelotti risked him against Sevilla or devoted him to thinking about the Champions League semifinals. The player will be examined tomorrow by doctors, namely Nacho which needs to be replaced by cramps.

Real Madrid will return to training tomorrow and the players will go through the hands of doctors and physical trainers to see how they do after the match against Chelsea.

Source: La Verdad


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