2-0: La Rojita has achieved full success this year 2022


2-0: La Rojita has achieved full success this year 2022

the little red He tied a new victory in his last game in 2022 which serves as a preparation for the European Under’21 which will take place in Romania and Georgia in the following months of June and July and thus adds to the tree of victories. The group of Louis of Origin beat Japan 2-0 thanks to goals from Beñat Turrientes and Manu Sánchez after the break.

Thus, the team ends the year in the best possible way, because it knows only victory, although this time it faces a tough Japanese team that did not take it easy, which is very strong in defense. At the Cartuja stadium, it was possible to see that this team also knows how to follow complex blocks.

The team led by Go Oiwa signed a very serious first half in defense, although Spain dominated the domain, always wanting to get the ball. Suzuki’s one chance was easily saved by goalkeeper Arnau Tenas after a one-on-one.

After the break, Turrientes, Riquelme and Carmona entered the field. Abel Ruiz smashed the ball against the post at a good chance and Turrientes soon took advantage of a loose ball in the area to open the scoring in the 47th minute, with a puck and a kiss to the saint.

From there, Rodrigo Riquelme was unstoppable on the attack. He crashed two shots to the post and started the game for the second goal with a diagonal with a spout to leave Fujita. Abel Ruiz turned the wall over and after a rejection Manu Sánchez appeared to score with a superb header in the 69th minute.

Sato claimed a penalty in the 71′, when he tried to get away from newly incorporated striker Arnau Comas and he pushed his body into him until they both fell to the ground, but the referee saw nothing.

La Rojita still had more chances in the latter part of the game, especially because of the insistence of the Girona winger. Finally, Aimar Oroz and Pablo Torre made their debut in the final stage.

Data sheet:

Spain: Arnau Tenas, Arnau (Carmona, 46′), Comas, Pacheco (Gila, 89′), Manu Sanchez (Gabri Veiga, 89′); Nico González (Pablo Torre, 89′), Álex Baena (Turrientes, 46′), Rodri Sánchez (Aimar, 64′), Sergio Gomez (Hugo Novoa, 72′), Abel Ruiz (Camello, 72′) and Bryan Gil ( Riquelme, 46′).

Japan: Sasaki, Handa, K. Suzuki, Kimura, Yamamoto (Kawasaki, 62′), Fujita, Fujio (Oda, 46′), Y. Suzuki, Mito (Matsumura, 46′), Kato (Bangnagande, 62′) and Saito ( sato, 62′).

The objectives: 1-0 (47′) Benat Turrientes. 2-0 (69′) Manu Sánchez.

Referee: Antonio Emmanuel Carvalho Nobre (Portuguese). No reprimand.

Incidents: Friendly match played at La Cartuja Stadium.

Source: La Verdad


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