Gavi reveals which players are his favourites


Barça’s young international Pablo Páez Gavira, known as ‘Gavi’, met the Spanish team in Doha, Qatar) living with great enthusiasm in the hours before the start of the World Cup 2022. The 18-year-old midfielder from Seville examines various aspects of sport and personal life on the Fútbol Emotion YouTube channel, where he answers questions from his fans.

How were your first training sessions with Barça’s big stars?

Well, a little nervous, but very happy to be able to train with the best. He always tries to learn and improve every day with them.

Which player surprised you the most?


Did you imagine playing in a World Cup one day as a child?

I always dreamed of playing in a World Cup, but I never thought it would come.

How do you deal with the appointment in Qatar?

I try not to think too much, even though it’s inevitable. I will go with a tree

How much has being famous so young changed your life?

I try to handle it in the best possible way. They have helped me a lot at La Masia, where I have always been, and also my family. I moved to a house in Sant Just and I live with my parents.

If you had to skip a meal, what would you eat?

A McDonald’s, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Do you have any hobbies before the games?

I don’t have much, the main thing is to give two catches before entering the pitch.

What are your Top 3 favorite players in history?

Messi, Iniesta and Isco. There are also others like Zidane, Maradona or Pelé.

What do you think of the comparison with Iniesta?

Iniesta is Iniesta, a true legend. I hope one day I can be like him and win everything, but I try not to think about it and just be myself.

Are you a fan of video games?

I used to play Play more often, but now not so much. When I play I play FIFA, but I’m very bad. Pedri (a teammate at Barça and the National Team) always beats me more than enough…he puts in a lot of time.

What boots did you dream about?

I liked Neymar in 2015 in the Champions League.

Are you still linking up as a footballer?

Yes, it’s normal. I try not to think about why I flirt more. As I am better known, it is normal that there is a greater interest in me.

Source: La Verdad


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