1-1: A last-gasp goal prevents Levante from storming into third place


A goal from Marc Cardona in the last action of the match allowed the palms draw with a goal against I raised after an equal duel with City of Valencia and keep the third place in the classification where the Valencians are fighting.

A VAR penalty goal from Roberto Soldado In the early stages of the second half, they put Levante in front and when everything seemed to resolve the game with a local victory at the very least, Cardona finally turned the tables on the scoreboard without putting the ball back in play after that goal.

The match opened with great intensity on the part of both teams. Although Levante’s possession is partly for I raised, the palms He was also active in the middle of the field and tried to find the opposite goal, although neither one nor the other put the opposition goal in serious trouble, except on the occasion of Pablo Martinez in six minutes he insisted Alex Dominguez to fully utilize.

Yesl Lift the one that over the minutes set the pace of the game, but never put anyone in trouble the palms, who was able to control the offensive attempts of the locals at the same time that he also sought to step into the field of the team of Javier Calleja.

After minute 25, Levante and Las Palmas exchanged blows and if erase had a chance to open the scoring soon after Alvaro Jimenez he had a chance to score but his ball went near the post. In the last quarter of an hour of the first half, the battle moved to the center of the field and the goalkeepers hardly struggled.

The second part opens with a similar script to the first part. The I raised I tried to get the ball, but the palms is still seriously behind until a penalty from Sergi Cardona in ruben vezowhich was directed at the request of VAR, allowed Roberto Soldado beat the locals from eleven meters in the 52nd minute.

Although the goal gave wings to I raised In the following minutes, Las Palmas gradually stretched until the game was played more in the field of the local team, which now defended itself well against the attacks of the island team, which gained speed at the entrance of Marvin in the field and was able to put difficulties in those of Lane.

In that situation, and when it seems the I raised will take until the end to achieve an important victory in which they will overtake Las Palmas in the standings, the visitor’s goal came after the action of two of the players that changed the visitor’s game in the second half, where since became the center of Marvin was finished off in extremis by Marc Cardona to avoid both defeats and overtake Levante in the standings.

I put up with it




Lift UD: Cárdenas, Son, Vezo, Rober, Álex Muñoz, Iborra, Pablo Martínez, Campaña (Cantero, m.71), De Frutos (Brugui, m.80), Rober Ibáñez (Pepelu, m.71) and Soldado (Wesley, m. . .66).

UD Las Palmas: Álex Domínguez, Álex Suárez (Lemos, m.85), Coco, Curbelo, Cardona (Marvin Park, m.75), Mfulu, Loiodice, Viera, Álvaro Jiménez (Pejiño, m.64), Clemente (Moleiro, m.64 ) and Andone (Marc Cardona, m.46).

The objectives: 1-0, m.52: Soldier, penalty. 1-1, m.95: Marc Cardona.

Referee: Quintero González (Andalusian Committee). He showed yellow cards to locals Soldado, Campaña and futbCantero and visitors Clemente, Álvaro Jiménez and Suárez.

Incidents: LaLiga SmartBank matchday sixteen played at the Ciutat de València in front of 13,436 spectators.

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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