Esther Guerrero: “Running at Bouin is an honor, the race where I grew up”


Esther Guerrero (Banyoles, Girona, February 1990) He never forgets the day an injury cut short a remarkable development and perhaps his best professional moment. It was on February 27 in the final of Championship of Spain. With 40 meters to go, Esther broke the tendon that connects the biceps femoris to the tendon. He returned to competition in June at 1,500 from Castellón, but had to stop; back in october Zamora miles and this Sunday he will put a number on his career, in the Jean Bouin-Allianz Grand Prix, which he ran for the first time at the age of nine under a heavy snowfall that left few pictures for history.

What were you thinking when you were injured?

I don’t think I ever accepted that I had this injury. The first thing I thought was that the season was breaking for me. I did not accept it and because I experienced it I worked hard to return as soon as possible. If I go back now the world will fall on me, honestly, I don’t know the severity of the damage or what it represents.

He missed the outdoor World Cup, the indoor and the European Championship, almost the entire season.

But it is that in the end what is broken is the continuity, all the work he is doing. My evolution. The injury came at the best moment of my sports life, you don’t appreciate the competitions you can’t miss, but all the work done. I’ve had two really good seasons and I’m having the best indoor season ever.

When did you train again?

I didn’t stop, on the third day of the injury I got on the stationary bike and started working out in the gym. I still had to train a lot to get back safely. I’m working hard to get where I want to be, and every time I feel better and pain free.

The comeback will not be easy.

I returned to competition on June 16 in Castellón, but four days later, my sciatic nerve came together with the scar and I had to stop. I let the summer pass and ran the Zamora mile in October. The comeback was not easy. The whole body is dislocated, it is difficult to correct all the details. I decided not to do cross-country when I recovered because I didn’t think I was in shape, that I wasn’t at the level I wanted to be, and I wanted to prepare indoor track. I want to get back to him and be well, this is my goal.

And this Sunday, the Jean Bouin.

Yes, for me it is an honor that they count on me after a very difficult year, knowing that I will not be at the top. For me, La Bouin is another step in my recovery process, in training, in a race where I grew up.

He made his debut at La Bouin at the age of 9.

I started running into it. I have been running the international race for several years, although the Bouin profile does not suit my characteristics, because I am on the track and focused on the 1,500. This is not my field and the one where I better defend myself, but now I am evaluating other things and that they depend on me after a difficult period it is appreciated. Hope to enjoy and enjoy with the public.

And next year the 100th edition.

I can’t even imagine. I have been participating for many years. I am a small part of Bouin’s history. Hopefully the race has the support of the nearest entity and company. This is the race with the most history in Barcelona and the dean of Spain.

Your closest goal?

I want to be in the European indoor track (first week of March). My goal is to reach him at the highest level. I still have a lot to do and I want to get to the level I had before the injury. If I work hard I can achieve it. I learned that you have to be patient.

The European will be a prize.

Yes, because I came from a very difficult year. There are more and more great rivals in the 1,500. The typical cycle change that is always talked about has also reached my test, and what I want is to be with them, fight, and hopefully I will succeed.

And, in the longer term, the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

I am working to be with them and I will not throw in the towel, far from it.

Source: La Verdad


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