Uruguay went further but signed a draw against South Korea


The feeling is clear at the end. Three Korean players on the floor, tired. The Portuguese coach of South Korea, Paulo Bento, signaling in the last seconds to his players to calm the rhythm, and ensure the tie. Uruguay is more. He can win, but history is what it is (0-0) and not what could have been.

A great header from Diego Godín in the first half and a heavy shot from Fede Valverde a minute from the end they saw a stick and no goal. There were the best chances for the sky-blue, debuting in a World Cup draw against the South Koreans.

Diego Alonso, the DT charrúa, played for history. He supported captain Diego Godín in defense, he decided on Martín Cáceres on the right side, and Luis Suárez on offense, all three of them have four World Cups.

Godín responded according to his football stature. This is God right now, according to his words. In trade, in timing, he never ventured into a career that might leave him wrong. He played the captain’s game.

Josema Giménez at the back, and Rodrigo Bentancur, full length and stick in midfield, They are the best celestial figures. Fede Valverde, from less to more. An opaque first half, growing in complement, with generous and intelligent deployment across the field. And that shot off the post, a real pellet, a minute from the end.

A shaky start for Uruguay

The first quarter of an hour was Korean, Uruguay came out “a la Tabárez”, with responsive football. Korea started with four in the background, two center backs in the middle, Jae Sung forward, and three wingers, where the Son, wearing a mask, stands on the left wing in the offense.

But possession of the ball did not dictate the game, and those led by Paulo Bento came to nothing. They were well controlled by Martín Cáceres.

At 15, the game changed. The light blue advanced lines. Josema Gimenez, a good fight backbroke the lines and had two long passes of 40 meters, which created danger.

The first assist was for Fede Valverde, from midfield to the edge of the area. The madrilista took control and finished, close.




Uruguay: Rocket; Cáceres, Godín, Giménez, Olivera (Viña, m. 78); Valverde, Bentancur, Neighbor (Nico de la Cruz, m. 78); Pellistri (Varela, m. 88), Luis Suárez (Cavani, m. 64) and Darwin Núñez
South Korea: Kim Seung-gyu; Kim Moonhwan, Kim Minjae, Kim Younggwon, Kim Jinsu; Jung; Hwang; Na (Kang in Lee, m. 74), Lee Jaesung (Son Junho, m. 74), Son Heung Min; Hwang Uijo (Cho Guesung, d. 74)
The objectives: nothing
Referee: Clement Turpin (France). He advised the Uruguayan Cáceres (m. 57) and the South Korean Cho Guesung (m. 88)
Spectators: 41,663 at the Doha Education City Stadium

see the match sheet

On the next play, at 21, Facundo Pellistri received from the right, and his cross could not be connected by Darwin Nuñez who was facing the goal.

The game changed again in the last quarter, with Korea dominating. The best Asian chance came in the 36th, when Hwang Ui-Jo, from the penalty spot, had a goal, but his shot went high.

Despite the celestial downturn, Uruguay has the best chance. Diego Godín, the historic captain, won high in the area, and his header crashed into the lower sector of Kim Seung’s post. The celeste said goodbye to the first part of the goal kissbut with Luis Suárez and Fede Valverde without influencing based on expectations.

Give and take, the first 30, with Uruguay having the biggest initiative, but Korea betting on speed. It didn’t work out.

This time the deal did not come out with Luis Suárez’s goal. The striker played offline and had no chance to score. At 23 of the complement, his variant was decided by Cavani.

Edi played with his back to the goal, and as a pivot he is important. At 38, he controlled and dropped for Darwin Nuñez, who had a chance.

In the end, the most emotional

In the end, the most emotional. The great shot from the great player, Fede Valverde, which fell off the post, and an error at the start of the goalkeeper Rochet, which allowed the possibility of a shot by Korean Son from the edge of the area.

Zero to zero. Bitter taste for Uruguay. Today, Portugal, on Monday the 28th.

Source: La Verdad


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