“I’m quite shy” – imprisonment after being raped in the train station


He knew her from the local pub. He liked her. She is twelve, he is 24. He met her at the train station, they flirted a bit. And then his hand wandered into her genitals…

Judge Wais-Pfeffer in the LG St. Pölten is long-suffering in this process – because the 24-year-old suspect from Lower Austria can barely utter a word. He is too ashamed of what happened in February at the small station where she waited for the train and he waited for a friend. The twelve-year-old “G’fallen” him, we sat next to each other and had a “fun” with cell phones and Snapchat.

Three years in prison for rape
“I’m quite shy,” he tells the judge, and that he asked her if he could put his arm around her. Could he. Also the hand on the thigh. Which then slid in the direction of the intimate zone.

But the girl told police that he held her and that the hand was not just outside her pants. That means rape and sexual abuse and three years in prison for him. Not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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