Mercadona expects to bill 530 million in online sales this year


The Valencian chain, which already employs 2,000 employees for orders, inaugurates its fifth distribution platform in Seville after setting up the model in Valencia, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona

Far is that statement by Juan Roig that spread like wildfire when he openly admitted that the Mercadona website is “shit”. Many years have passed since then and the food chain is betting very heavily on online sales, which will allow it to close 2022 with a turnover in this channel of 530 million euros, the company said in a statement on Thursday, in the It also emphasized that it is online Mercadona’s workforce has already reached 2,000 employees.

This announcement was made on the occasion of the inauguration of the fifth ‘Hive’, as they describe logistics centers exclusively for online sales. With a staff of 145 employees, it is based in Seville and has made an investment of 25 million euros (figure including the acquisition of the plot in public tender).

The company will start the new service in the center of Seville and gradually expand its radius of action in the coming weeks to cover a large part of the province, part of Huelva and Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).

“We are very happy to reach more ‘Bosses’ online every day, in this case in the Andalusian market, thanks to our Beehive in Seville,” said Juana Roig, general manager of Mercadona Online, pointing out that the two main challenges They face the expansion and profitability of the channel.

Mercadona has different sales models based on order demand in each city. On the one hand, the ‘Hives’ model serves areas with a high density of online orders. La Colmena de Sevilla joins the other four that the company has active in other cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, ​​​​Madrid and Alicante. On the other hand, for areas with a lower concentration of orders, it has a preparation and delivery model from the stores. Currently, this model is in use in several Spanish provinces such as Castellón, Lérida, Gerona, Almería or Murcia, with 18 stores before the end of the year. It is expected that the expansion will continue in the coming years with the aim of bringing the new online purchase to most provinces of Spain.

Source: La Verdad


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