Attacks on Syria – Greens warn: “Erdogan is a security risk”


The IS terror militia is benefiting from Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish positions in Syria and Iraq. Greens foreign policy spokeswoman Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic is convinced of this and also warns of a danger to Europe. Because those who held down the IS fighters in the Kurdish areas would be bombed. “A fragile situation,” she said on Thursday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a “security risk”.

Nor should the investigation and documentation of the most recent attack in Istanbul be left to Turkey alone. According to Ernst-Dziedzic, the women’s combat groups of the Kurdistan People’s Defense Units (YPJ) now officially claim that the assassin Ahlam al-Bashir had three brothers who were IS fighters.

One of them was killed in Raqqa, another in Iraq and the third in Manbij during operations by the Kurdish militia YPG. Another brother is currently the commander of a Turkish-backed group in Afrin.

Erdogan announced a new military operation in early summer
In early July, Ernst-Dziedzic visited the autonomous region of Kurdistan-Iraq and the autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria, Rojava, and says he is in contact with the people there. Erdogan had already announced a new military operation in northern Syria in early summer.

Ernst-Dziedzic: 12,000 IS fighters in Kurdish areas
The aim is to create a 30 kilometer wide ‘safety zone’. The region must be “cleansed” of “terrorists” from the Kurdish militia YPG. Ernst-Dziedzic referred to 12,000 IS fighters and 70,000 members in the Kurdish areas and to sleeping cells. “We need a strategy to contain IS fighters in Europe,” she said.

EU arms embargo on Turkey demanded
Ernst-Dziedzic also called for an EU arms embargo against Turkey. “We will not tolerate Russian President Vladimir Putin calling sovereign territories his own, but Erdogan’s attacks are just as illegal under international law.” The civilian population is suffering.

Source: Krone


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