Day 12 of the Second Federation: preview of the Alzira – Olot match


Day 12 of the Second Federation: preview of the Alzira – Olot match

Next Saturday at 7:00 pm the match will be held on the twelfth day of the Second Federation, which will face Alzira and Olot at Luis Suñer Picó.

Alzira have a boosted spirit for their next game in the Second Federation after beating Lleida Esportiu at the Camp d’Esports 0-1, with a goal from Marenyà. Since the start of the competition, the locals have won three of the 11 games played so far in the Second Federation, with a streak of 12 goals for and 15 matches.

On the visitors’ side, Olot lost with a result of 1-2 in the previous match against Deportivo Aragón, so they come to the match with the need to return to victory in the field of Alzira. Before this match, Olot won two of the 11 games played in the Second Federation this season, with a figure of five goals for and 12 matches.

Focusing on their performance as the home team, Alzira have won once, lost three times and drawn once in the five games played so far, so they look vulnerable at home, where the visitors have more opportunities than expected. Outings, Olot have won once and lost three times in their five games played, so in theory it could be a suitable match for Alzira to add to the positive result at home.

Currently, the two teams are separated in the standings by three points in favor of Alzira. Fran Alcoy’s team entered the game in thirteenth position and had 11 points before the game. For its part, Olot has eight points and is in seventeenth place in the competition.

Source: La Verdad


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