These are the results that will knock Spain out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup


Spain He has in hand the ticket for the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, but Germany showed the courage of a four-time world champion and tied full circle in 83′. The goal of the striker Werder Bremenwho entered the German squad due to a last-minute injury to Wernerleaving everything open in Group E for Thursday, where they face La Roja Japanese and the ‘Mannschaft’ in Costa Rica.

The accounts of Luis Enrique They are simple: if they beat the Japanese team, they will go first in the group, if they draw, they will go through although their classification -first or second- depends on the result of Costa Rica-Germanywhereas if they lose and Germany doing the same as before Costa Rica, they will be deleted. In the event of a German victory, Spain He will enter the round of 16 if after both results he has a better goal-average than the Germans (at the moment Spain has +7 and Germany -1).

Red’s calculator

To enter the round of 16

– Yes Spain win at Japanesewill top Group E

– Yes Spain tie before Japaneseis in the round of 16 (its classification, as first or second, depends on the result of Costa Rica-Germany)

– Yes Spain lose to Japanese Y Costa Rica Y Germany draw, is in the round of 16.

– Yes Spain lose to Japanese Y Germany win at Costa Ricais in the round of 16 if after both results he has a better goal-average than the Germans
– Yes Spain lose to Japanese Y Costa Rica win at Germanyit will be deleted.

Germany must win yes or yes

For his part, Germany you have to win and you don’t Japanesethat after springing a surprise on the opening day by defeating the Hansi Flick was surpassed this Sunday by Costa Ricawho got three points thanks to a goal from Keysher Fuller in 81′. That said, everything is at stake.

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Source: La Verdad


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